13081734_10153528662454599_1232309538_nSCAPA FLOW  spring is not quite yet here. Over 2000 miles and 60 hours later I’m finally here in Stromness, Orkney. Diving season is about to start at MV Huskyan. Building CCR unit and bathing camera housing are high on the list right now. First thing noticed, even after a good soak and wash before storing countersigns away, O2 manual feed seems to be pretty much stuck. Caught a nasty cold on the way and due to the cracking ears, I  had to skip the day of diving! HMS Brummer and SMS Karlsruhe can still keep their secrets. But. Let the Round II begin!
Helsinki – Stockholm – Malmö – Copenhagen – Putgarden – Hamburg – Amsterdam – Newcastle – Glasgow – Thurso – Stromness